Saturday, January 30, 2010

Classical Gas

Another batch of figure drawings! They're all between 1 minute to about 5 minutes, maybe a couple of 7-minute-ers sprinkled in too. We had two lovely models these last few times! :D




My instructor had the idea to give the model some kind of prop, and suddenly she appeared from another room with this enormous, creepy skull. I don't think the model knew quite what to do with it; I certainly didn't know what to do with it. This pose I thought was the best, and thankfully I think the drawing agreed.



This is a portrait of a singer who sometimes comes and plays for the class while we draw her. It's fun, but, sweet as she is, she mainly sits like this with her guitar in her lap, so it's very hard to keep up the interest in drawing her in the same pose for 6 hours. This one I was able to milk through about an hour, including several "breaks" I took while drawing it.

Portraits of two of our models.


  1. Deaaaanna! I can't even pick favourites! These are all lovely, especially the short poses! My gosh! So much energy in your lines! And the way they sort of swoosh over the curves of the figure is delicious to look at! I love the very last actual figure you posted. I can really feel it in space, feel the torso turn, and feel those shoulder blades jutting out from her back! :D

  2. I love the left portrait..very nice.